fontdata: Type Foundries on Facebook

A single place collection of type foundry news posted on Facebook.

Hourly updated. Currently incl. 183 type foundries. Showing news not older than one week.


Currently included: 26+ Zeichen, 29 Arabic Letters, 2D Typo, 3IP Type Foundry, 4th february, A is for Apple, Adobe, Aerotype, Alex Scholing, AlfaType Fonts, ALT Type Foundry, Altered Ego Fonts, Antipixel, Archive Type, Aring Typeface, ARS Type, atf – Australian Type Foundry, Atlas Font Foundry, avoid red arrows, b+p swiss typefaces, Baseline Fonts, BAT – Bureau des affaires typographiques, Bauer Typefoundry, bb-bureau, Blackletra, Blambot, Blue Vinyl Fonts, Bold Monday, Bonez Designz, Briefcase Type Foundry, Brownfox, BTW Type, Bureau Roffa, Cadson Demak, Cape Arcona, CastleType, Characters Font Foundry, CheapProFonts, CocijoType, Colophon Foundry, Commercial Type, Coppers & Brasses, Corradine Fonts, CozyFonts, Cyreal Type Foundry, Dalton Maag, Darden Studio, Delve Fonts, Dharma Type, Dinamo, DizajnDesign Type Foundry, DSType, DTL – Dutch Type Library, Editions Deux-Cent-Cinq, Emigre, Emtype Foundry, Eurotypo, exljbris Font Foundry, FaceType, Fatype, Feliciano Type Foundry, Fenotype, Floodfonts, Font Bureau, Font Diner, Font Fabric, Fontdeck, Fontef type foundry, FontFont, FontHaus, Fonthead, Fontom Type, Fontpartners, Fonts Cafe,, Fonts.GR — Greek Digital Type Library,, Fontseek, FontShop, Fontsmith, Fontspring, Fontworks, Foster Type, Foundry Types, gestalten fonts, Grilli Type, GTF – German Type Foundry, Harbor Type, Heavyweight, Hoefler & Co., House Industries, Hubert Jocham Type, HvD Fonts, HypeForType, IdentiType, Insigne, ITF – Indian Type Foundry, John Vargas Beltrán, Just Another Foundry, Kombinat-Typefounders, Kontour, latino type, Laura Worthington Type, Letterhead, Letterhead Fonts, Letterjuice, LettError Type, Letters from Sweden, Letterwerk, Lineto, Linotype, Lucas Fonts, Ludwig Übele – Type Design, Lux Typo, MilieuGrotesque, Monofonts, Monokrom, Monotype, Mostardesign, Mota Italic, MVB Fonts, MyFonts, NN – Nouvelle Noire, Novo Typo, OkayType, Omnibus-Type, Or Type, OurType, Outras Fontes, P22, PampaType, parachute, ParaType, Playtype, positype, Process Type Foundry, Production Type, PSY/OPS Type Foundry, Regular Bold Italic, ReType Foundry, Riesling Type, Rosetta, Schick Toikka, Shamfonts, Signal Foundry, Stereotypes, Sudtipos, Suitcase Type Foundry, Sumotype Foundry, T.26, Talavera Type, Talbot Type, ten by twenty, Ten Dollar Fonts, Terminal Design, the fontmaker, The Northern Block, Tipografies, Tiponautas, Tipos das Letras, TipoType, Tokotype, type depot, Type Republic, Type Together, Type-Ø-Tones, Typeco, TypeCulture, typedifferent, TypeFolio, Typejockeys, TypeManufactur, Typetanic Fonts, TypeTrust, Typofonderie, typograma, Typolar, Typonine, Typotheque, Ultra Types, Underware, Urtd, Vanarchiv, Vette Letters, Village, Volcano Type, VTF, Webtype, Wood Type Revival, YouWorkForThem, ZeCraft